John Jago

𝕏/X/Twitter logo to copy and paste, and some history!


You can copy and paste the above to use on your website, like if your company wants to link to a Twitter account using the actual logo.

What is this character?

It’s the Unicode character U+1D54F, also known as the Mathematical Double-Struck Capital X.

Where did 𝕏 come from?

When typewriters were popular, people would bold text by typing a character twice in the same spot, sometimes with a small offset. This is called double-striking.

However, if a double-struck character is written by itself, it’s not immediately clear that it’s bolded. People, mostly math people at universities, started using larger offsets or even striking over with the letter I to make it more legible. Over time, type designers created their own styles for the symbol.

This new style was easy to write on blackboards, hence why it’s often seen in mathematical lectures today.

Why did Elon rename Twitter to X?

In 1999, Elon co-founded an online bank,, which later merged with another company to become PayPal. Perhaps this is a reincarnation of that name.