John Jago

Work journal

My work journal is a 90 day experiment where I try to make a living building a product of my own, sharing every step along the way. Many successful companies and products exist, but how did they get there? The early stories are hard to find, and even more rarely are they recorded in great detail.

Day 52: Rewrite or restyle? Day 51: Dashify has 50 users! Day 50: Setting up email verification in Laravel (Breeze, Mailpit, and Postmark) Day 49: Banana bread Day 48: May reflection as a bootstrapped founder Day 47: I discovered Bruno, an Insomnia and Postman alternative that does not require an account Day 46: Dashify has 40 users! Day 45: License key generation for my WordPress plugin Day 44: Laravel makes file downloads easy Day 43: Creating a dashboard with Laravel Breeze and Cashier Day 42: One day off per week Day 41: A public roadmap for Dashify Day 40: Dashify has 30 users! Day 39: Buy me a coffee Day 38: Catching up on the journal entries Day 37: Can you make enough money from selling a WooCommerce plugin? Day 36: How should I implement license keys for my WordPress plugin? Day 35: “Trialware is not permitted” meaning in WordPress Day 34: Conversion rates for a typical WordPress plugin? Day 33: What should I introduce in Dashify Pro? Day 32: Creating a backlog of content Day 31: Dashify has 20 users! Day 30: Content creation machine Day 29: $1 a day Google Ads Day 28: Worries Day 27: I discovered that one of my “abandoned” projects is successful Day 26: Adding testimonials to the website Day 25: Are these journal entries worth it? Day 24: I did something that didn’t scale Day 23: Launching support for WooCommerce Subscriptions Day 22: Being mindful of over-engineering Day 21: Are Google Ads effective for bootstrapped founders? Day 20: The plan for May Day 19: An effective deep work session Day 18: April reflection Day 17: Sponsoring WooWeekly and pausing Google Ads Day 16: Upward trends Day 15: Programming better Day 14: My vision for Dashify Day 13: Pricing Day 12: Early customers are awesome Day 11: Visual improvements to the order view Day 10: Be careful with Google Ads Day 9: Dashify has 10 users! Day 8: Dashify has a long way to go Day 7: Earliest signs of content marketing working Day 6: Self-doubt and Google Ads Day 5: Email follow-ups for Dashify Day 4: Abandoned competition Day 3: First blog post on the Dashify website Day 2: Cold email results Day 1: Cold emails to WooCommerce agencies March reflection Dashify’s first 5-star reviews! Three months to make a living This month, I’m only focusing on Dashify Dashify’s first users February reflection I made something called LinkQR Dashify is live! January reflection We’ve submitted Dashify to for review! Waiting for 51 days Dashify is launching this week Validating a product idea without talking to users Pausing the first idea, starting another A new purpose for