John Jago

A new typeface for my blog

After coming across, Ben Borgers’ blog, I couldn’t help but notice that my own blog’s typefaces were getting a little rusty. On Ben’s blog, the headings have a nice typeface called Fraunces. I almost was going to do the same for my blog, but I noticed some of the letters were particularly gaudy. The headings only looked good when they lacked an f or j.

Finally, I settled on the obvious choice. I really liked Charter, and used it on my blog for a long time. It comes as a system font on macOS, so there’s the added benefit that many people don’t even end up loading the remote font. However, it felt a little bland, a little old.

I always use Adobe’s Source Code Pro in text editors and terminals, and back in university I always used Source Serif Pro for writing essays. Even my little site uses Source Sans 3. Today I learned that these fonts draw inspiration from the same artifact of Pierre Simon Fournier that Charter is based on, so it’s essentially an updated version of it!

Source Serif Pro it is. Now all my sites have the same feel to them in terms of typography, and nothing else is done! Hooray!