John Jago

I made something called LinkQR

While waiting for Dashify to be approved, I started work on another product, LinkQR.

Apparently, I like QR codes, since they’ve showed up in the oldest of my side projects. That previous project was for sharing files, but this new one has a different twist.

I’ve tried many QR code generating websites. Some let you create all kinds of cool designs; others generate plain QR codes. Some have management capabilities, like dynamic links, which are essentially redirects, to aid in changing the link after printing.

There are also many print websites out there, offering advice on printing QR codes. However, none make it easy to order prints (like stickers) of what you just designed. Some are close to offering both design and print, but the QR customizations and cohesion of the product are not that great.

LinkQR will eventually combine the two, offering a single place to design wacky QR codes and order stickers (or other prints) right there, no account or extra steps required. I think it’ll be fun to manage the print and shipping side of the business, if it works out.

For now, the plan is to get it to 100 monthly visitors, after which I’ll buy a domain and grow it from there.

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