John Jago

January reflection

I’m a big fan of radically transparent companies. Buffer and Ghost come to mind.

While trying to start my own online business, I want to do the same from the very start. So, that starts today!

I’ll review key metrics from the past month to see how things are going.

Dashify is a WordPress plugin that’s still pending review before it’s listed on, so of course it’s going to be 0 this month.

Dashify, active installs0
Dashify, monthly revenue$0
Twitter followers36 (+8) posts7 (+2) posts4 (+3) posts0
Random people contacting me because of my blog posts0 (-1)

Some numbers are leading measures, which is like input that I control, while others are lagging measures, things that come as a result but that I can’t necessarily control what it will be. I’m mixing the two because in these posts, I plan to only keep track of numbers that mean something to me. For example, number of website visitors to my blog isn’t something that I particularly care about right now. Instead I care about the number of people that reach out as a result.

In the future, I may start keeping track of both inputs and outputs for fun, to see how much time put into a certain thing brings what kind of results.

👋 This is my work journal, a series where I write daily about trying to make a living building a bootstrapped software product.