John Jago

This month, I’m only focusing on Dashify

I have a tendency to have too many things going at once. If I start one project, I may soon start another, and spend half my time working on one, and half on the other.

It’s physically possible to do some things at the same time, like eat and look around, but it’s physically impossible to do two thinking tasks at the same time. I can’t think about two projects at once. I can only split my time.

Last month, I started LinkQR and worked on it a little, but this month, I’m spending all my available working hours on Dashify.

There’s always something I could be doing for Dashify, whether it’s reaching out to potential customers, or finding a new angle from which to market the product based on new understanding of the problems people have in this space.

If I split my time in half, I’m half open to the new opportunities the other product may bring, but also half losing the opportunities of the current product. It’s a tradeoff, so one might say it’s worth it.

But if I’ve decided the first project is worth starting, wouldn’t it be better if I sooner figure out that it’s not viable, and then completely dedicate myself on the second one? If that doesn’t happen, it means I found success in the first project, so I should pursue that with my full effort—while there is room for effort to be invested.

👋 This is my work journal, a series where I write daily about trying to make a living building a bootstrapped software product.