John Jago

Day 9: Dashify has 10 users!

I wasn’t sure what to write here today, as the past couple of days have been like a weekend for me—spending time outside and hanging out with people. It’s important make your own weekends when you’re working on your own thing, but it’s something I can easily forget, and before I know it I’ll work way too much, with those hours becoming more and more unproductive. The weekend, even if it falls during the traditional weekday, is a time to recharge.

But, as I checked the Dashify listing before starting to write this, I found out there’s been an exciting milestone—Dashify crossed the 10 active user mark!

Screenshot of the Dashify listing on showing a 10+ active installation count.

With there being a couple marketing approaches I’ve tried so far, and with the plugin not requiring a login (I don’t think a login would ever be justified for the free version) and not asking a survey in the dashboard, I can’t tell which user came through which marketing approach. Sometime soon (and in a nonintrusive way) it would be good to figure out which channel helps people discover Dashify the most.

Looking at that screenshot, I also realized that it’s been 4 weeks since I last released an update for Dashify! Luckily, a fresh update is coming this week, in preparation for Dashify having a small sponsorship slot at the bottom of a popular WooCommerce newsletter.

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