John Jago

Day 87: Easy to measure

While making updates to the Dashify website, I had the thought that maybe I should create some conversion events in my web analytics so I know roughly where the converting visitors are coming from.

But wait, I don’t have any paid conversions yet—besides one. I’d be trying to measure something I don’t have if I were to set that up. Right now, there’s one metric for Dashify that matters, and it’s really easy to measure. It’s whether there is an increase of paying customers. In the end, that’s what will take this from a side project to an actual business.

If I get a trickle of paying customers, then it would be wise to set up minimal conversion tracking so I can identify which marketing channels are more effective. However, I have a feeling that any marketing channel which brings in people will have some smaller percentage of those converting, and those percentages would roughly be the same regardless of marketing channel (really only two so far: WooCommerce tutorials published on the Dashify website and Google Ads). I could be very wrong, though! It’ll be interesting to come back to this post and learn from it.

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