John Jago

Day 86: Can the feature be found in Google?

After launching the first iteration of Dashify Search, naturally I went to create a page on the website talking about it so that people can find it. This made me think a lot about marketing websites and how something as simple as the presence of a keyword in the title can make the difference between it being found by hundreds and it being forever invisible.

I struggled with the title and main heading of this page for a while. Eventually, I settled on “Search orders from anywhere in the WooCommerce admin”, but I still feel like it could be missing the mark.

This is the problem about doing SEO in an untapped market. The demand might be there, but what terms are people searching when they try to find it? Perhaps the most common term is “command palette search” or “quick search”, both of which don’t appear in the title currently. Maybe the next best thing is to mention the variations throughout the page?

I don’t want to put off a launch because I’m trying to craft the perfect title. In this situation, I think to launch (with at least some thought put into the title) and then experiment is the best course of action. If the title doesn’t get picked up in any queries according to the analytics, then I change it to something else I think might be better.

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