John Jago

Day 79: The plan for July

It’s been great to see the interest in Dashify so far. There’s enough of it that I’m ready for the next step, which is getting a paid version out there.

Although Dashify Pro has launched, it doesn’t do much besides add the ability to sort order items by SKU. I feel like I’ve written that before in this work journal series—probably a sign that it’s long overdue for actually doing something about it. That’s what July will be about.

My goal is to release one major Dashify Pro feature each week in July, along with all the website updates to market each feature.

This week, it’s going to be a global order search available from anywhere in the WordPress admin.

Here’s how it’s looking as I write this:

Screenshot of the WordPress admin with the Dashify Search popup open. Upon opening, before anything is searched, it shows a few recent orders. The background behind the popup is grayed out.

To stay flexible, I don’t want to plan exactly what feature will be worked on when, but here are some things I’ve been thinking about:

I’ll start there—when having a short list like this, it seems there is room to do more, but I’ve learned to be careful. There are always unexpected things that come up, both within the planned work itself, like technical complications, and outside the planned work, like a customer reporting a serious issue.

This month I’ll be facing a fear: an admin theme for WordPress is nice when it’s free, but is it worth paying for?

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