John Jago

Day 76: Dashify has 100 users!

How long did it take for Dashify to get its next 10 users?

Six days!

A screenshot of the details section of the Dashify listing on, showing 100+ active installs.

It’s really motivating to see this. With Dashify getting its first revenue in June and crossing 100 active installs, I have a feeling that July will be the month where I’ll see signs of sustainability, not just interest. It will be great if Dashify can become profitable next month—it shouldn’t take more than a few customers to achieve that.

Apart from profitability, there’s the question of how will I pay my bills…

I’m going to see how July goes and then make the decision after July whether I need start looking for a job. In all honestly, the answer is probably yes—but I don’t know how long after July—many products take years to reach a certain level of sustainability. The question at the end of July will be, how does the trajectory look?

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