John Jago

Day 7: Earliest signs of content marketing working

I’ve been writing a couple blog posts on the Dashify website to offer tips and advice to WooCommerce merchants, which also has the benefit of letting them know about Dashify through a little message at the bottom of each post (and by the website itself, if they’re curious and end up checking out what Dashify is). It’s a marketing strategy that HubSpot coined: inbound marketing.

It’s only been a few days that the handful of blog posts have been live, and Google has only indexed the homepage and the blog post about the Energy admin theme (I can see this in Google Search Console and by typing into Google), yet there have already been some visitors to the website who first landed on those pages.

The first number column below is “entries”, or people who first landed on that page.

A screenshot of website analytics for a couple pages on the Dashify website, showing 3 entries on a feature page, 2 entries on a blog post, and 0 entries on a few other blog posts.


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