Day 51: Dashify has 50 users!

Yesterday night, I saw that Dashify reached 50 users! In just four days since it reached 40 users, it gained 10 more.

With each 10 users, it seems like the time between is getting shorter and shorter.

At the same time, there’s been even more activity in the support forums for Dashify on

Changing what’s going to be the first paid feature

It’s clear that the demand for a Shopify-inspired dashboard theme for WooCommerce is there, so I’ve made one decision about the pricing for the Pro version.

Originally, I was going to move the upgrades for the WooCommerce Subscriptions pages from free to paid, and that was going to be the first paid version of Dashify.

Instead, I’ll keep that in the free version, since it’s never fun for users to have something that was previously free become paid.

The approach I’m thinking of now is: styling and small-store functionality upgrades will remain free for all order and subscription list and edit pages, while styling for the rest of the WooCommerce dashboard, along with order/subscription list/edit features that cater to large stores, will be in the paid version.

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