John Jago

Day 46: Dashify has 40 users!

Only 6 days after Dashify reached 30 users, it now has 40 users!

I really didn’t expect this, but it’s good to see and makes me confident that I’m headed in the right direction.

Screenshot of the active install count on the Dashify listing on showing 40+.

It also makes me want to hurry and finish the portal for the paid version of Dashify so that I could get some reassurance that it can make money and eventually make a living for myself and hopefully a small team.

Keeping this in mind, today I decided against implementing some aspects of plugin licensing that aren’t necessary at a small scale. In place of those features, I added a message informing the user that they can contact me for assistance if they ever get into this or that situation with their licenses. I should be able to manually keep up for a while, and the number of people hitting these edge cases should be fairly small, so I think it’s a wise choice at the moment.

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