John Jago

Day 44: Laravel makes file downloads easy

Today I continued work on the portal where people can buy Dashify Pro and manage their licenses: I added a button to download the Dashify Pro plugin zip if the user has an active subscription.

Laravel made it really easy.

All I had to do is make a route like this:

Route::get('/download/{version}', [DashifyProController::class, 'download'])

And create the controller class, with the actual downloading code being just a few lines:


namespace App\Http\Controllers;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Storage;

class DashifyProController extends Controller
    public function download(string $version)
        $filename = "dashify-pro.$";
        if (!Storage::exists($filename)) {
            return 'This version of Dashify Pro is missing or not available. If you think it should exist, contact for support.';
        return Storage::download($filename);

Storage is an abstraction in Laravel for wherever the file may be stored, whether filesystem, S3, or something else.

For now, I plan to manually publish each new version of Dashify Pro as a zip to the repo for this portal, where it will become available for download.

Some things I considered but decided to worry about later:

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