John Jago

Day 41: A public roadmap for Dashify

Today, in response to a question from someone, I created a public roadmap for Dashify.

I considered a few feature voting board apps like Canny and Nolt to help with this, but their pricing couldn’t be justified. The cheapest plan, paid monthly, was $40 a month. If I paid for that, it would be Dashify’s biggest expense. It’s not worth it for Dashify yet.

Instead, I created a page on Dashify’s website, with a couple headings and boxes, to show what’s coming up next and what’s under consideration. Any feedback I collect through different channels I’ll add here, and if some get requested more often, I might adjust their order. Cost: $0. Adding a few voting buttons would probably take an hour. I’m almost tempted to make a feature voting board app and price it lower just because the market is wide open for that. Seriously, there are so many out there and they’re all really expensive for someone just starting out.

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