John Jago

Day 40: Dashify has 30 users!

Yesterday night, Dashify crossed the 30 user mark!

This is kind of surprising, as Dashify reached 20 users just 9 days ago. I suppose the growth will continue to compound until it reaches some saturation point!

I’ve seen more activity in the support forums on too, with 2 new posts in the past couple days.

Screenshot of the active install count for Dashify on, showing it at 30+.

The next major project for Dashify which I’m starting today is the creation of a portal (maybe created with Laravel (most likely) where people can purchase Dashify Pro and get the download and license keys. I’ll have to scope this carefully to make sure I’m truly implementing what’s minimally required, as I’m sure this could expand in scope quickly and take much longer than I’d like.

My goal is to make my first dollar from solopreneurship this month, so yet another sign that I’m on track!

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