John Jago

Day 39: Buy me a coffee

Today, I took a short break from Dashify to create a Buy Me a Coffee profile and link to it from some of my popular web tools.

I have a few of these web tools:

These three get the most traffic, a pretty significant amount totaling around a thousand unique visitors per month. I’m sure some of those visitors use the tools frequently.

I made these long ago, with no expectation of anyone using them but myself—but it turns out that if I have a problem, many others have the same problem too!

I spent some time making minor touch ups as well, with most of the time spent on the Pitch Card Generator. That one was really rough, so it needed some polish. Thankfully, upgrading across 4 major Next.js versions and switching the runtime to Node.js 20 on Vercel caused no issues, probably because the app is fairly simple and doesn’t use any advanced features of the framework or the runtime. It also fits on mobile screens now, and I added a feedback link where people can suggest improvements. I can’t believe I let this actively used project sit untouched for three years!

I’m curious to see if anyone makes a donation. It will certainly help as I don’t have any income at the moment!

👋 This is my work journal, a series where I write daily about trying to make a living building a bootstrapped software product.