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Day 37: Can you make enough money from selling a WooCommerce plugin?

How much money can you make from building and selling an extension for WooCommerce? Is it enough to make a business out of? I’m going to answer this question from the perspective of a solopreneur, so my threshold for a “yes” will be relatively low.

This is something I thought about and did rough calculations on a while back, but I’m writing it down here as a reminder for what I’m shooting for, and as a reminder that it’s possible.

On, since they show the active install count and the cost, it’s easy to calculate how much a plugin is making.

Here are a few plugins I picked. I chose ones that are contained within WooCommerce, not those that bring other external services into WooCommerce (like a plugin that allows integrations with Zapier, for example), since Dashify is more similar to the those. I also tried to choose some that provide functionality within the scope of Dashify.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the active install count is a lower bound (2,000+ could mean 2,500), so the actual number of installs is almost certain to be higher, and so too the revenue.

Revenue of a few WooCommerce plugins

The ones made by large companies or made by the Woo team itself have much higher revenue, in general. My guess is that they are able to promote their plugin to more people and have it featured on the front page of the plugin listings. Although they may be featured, they still have to solve some problem out there—people don’t buy a plugin for no reason.

Two interesting things:

Some thoughts:

Should my bootstrapped product be a WooCommerce plugin?

For a small team or solo maker, making a living in the United States from selling a WooCommerce or WordPress plugin seems possible, given the right problem, solution, and marketing.

In countries with a lower cost of living country, it would be even more feasible.

What’s next for Dashify

I’ve reached my 20 active install goal and I’m back from my trip, so I’m going to start making the paid version tomorrow!

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