John Jago

Day 33: What should I introduce in Dashify Pro?

Today is the first day of my 5 day trip to see some family in California!

I still plan to write these daily reflections on whatever I’m thinking about for Dashify during this trip. It will be a good way to step back from hands on work and consider the strategy for Dashify.

After I turned back on a Google Ads campaign with a $1 a day limit, website traffic has been the highest it’s ever been. Last night, I saw for the past couple days there has been around 40 visitors daily, and it was climbing to 50!

With Dashify also reaching 20 active installs recently, things are looking good. Considering these numbers and all the feedback I’ve gotten, along with prior things I’ve read online signaling demand for an upgraded WooCommerce dashboard, I’m more confident than ever to release the first paid version of Dashify later this month.

The question is, apart from support for WooCommerce Subscriptions, what else can I add to the paid version of Dashify?

I want to choose carefully what’s in the paid version so that the free vs paid divide is fair and makes sense. The guiding criteria I’m thinking to use: is this useful for a large ecommerce store? Specifically, one that processes many orders. Stores getting many orders have a better chance of being able to afford (and need) advanced order management tools.

Here are some features I’m thinking of.

I could keep thinking of more, but I don’t want to get carried away!

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