John Jago

Day 32: Creating a backlog of content

Something I’m trying this week is to dedicate a single day to writing content for the Dashify blog, and then slowly post the articles throughout the following days.

This is partly out of necessity, as I will be on a trip for 5 days and won’t have much time to work, and partly because I want to see if less context switching in a single day can be more effective.

Yesterday I wrote 5 tutorials in just a handful of hours, and although they were simple and short, it felt smooth to transition to writing another after just having finished one. I kept my sample store open from which I was taking screenshots—everything was ready for starting the next article. Compare this to switching from writing a tutorial to developing a new feature, a much larger context switch that makes it harder to get the most out of a single day.

👋 This is my work journal, a series where I write daily about trying to make a living building a bootstrapped software product.