John Jago

Day 31: Dashify has 20 users!

Today Dashify passed the 20 user mark!

This is exciting because I told myself that after it has 20 users, I’ll create the paid version. Dashify is now one step closer to being an actual business!

Dashify may have reached this milestone with the help of Google Ads, which I turned back on yesterday but with an affordable $1 per day limit. My thinking is that if spending $1 a day can get Dashify to 50 or a 100 users, it’s worth it.

Screenshot of the clicks and impressions graph for my Google Ads campaign, showing an increase after I turned it back on yesterday, whereas the previous 6 days shown on the graph are flat.

Given the correlation between these two graphs, I’m going to say that Google Ads is responsible for brining these new users. Once again, I can’t tell for sure, but I’m not worried about those finer analytics at the moment.

Screenshot of the website analytics graph over the same period as the Google Ads graph. It has a spike that nearly mirrors the Google Ads graph.

What I’m going to do next:

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