John Jago

Day 30: Content creation machine

Just kidding, it’s not a machine.

I have a dislike for company and product blogs that churn out generated articles which take forever to get to the point, if they even succeed at that. They’re simply not helpful to anyone besides the owner, who profits off people visiting the site, directly or indirectly.

It’s certainly even worse with LLMs.

Although in March, Google announced that they’re rolling out changes to reduce low-quality, unoriginal results. I’ve seen screenshots of honest marketers on Twitter showing how it’s helped their rankings tremendously. This is the best piece of news I’ve heard from Google in a while. I hope they can fight off all the content farm spam.

It will give more room for Dashify’s new blog!

Screenshot of the top of the newly created Dashify blog home. It has a large heading “The Dashify Blog” and a smaller heading “WooCommerce tutorials, tips, and news.” with posts in a grid below that.

I plan to write short, to the point, quality tutorials on specific WooCommerce problems or workflows. I’m taking what I found success with back in high school (a blog and YouTube channel with dead simple software tutorials) and applying it here. People appreciate when these articles are direct and solve their actual problem.

I’ve also created a section to showcase all the releases of Dashify.

Screenshot of the newly created Dashify releases page. At the top is a large heading “What’s new in Dashify” and a subheading “We make WooCommerce better with each update.”

Each post is its own article as well, in case some feature I release is something that people search for often. They’ll now be able to find Dashify which provides what they’re looking for!

Lastly, I made changes to the footer to accommodate these new pages.

Here’s what the footer looked like before yesterday’s changes:

Screenshot of the Dashify website footer before yesterday. It has three columns of links: Learn WooCommerce, Help, and About Dashify.

Here’s what it looked like after:

Screenshot of the Dashify website footer after yesterday. It now has four columns of links: Product, Releases, Help, and Legal.

I removed the recent blog posts since they’re only relevant for people searching for that specific solution, not to a general website visitor. A general visitor would be more interested in recent releases of Dashify to see what new things are coming out and how active the project is, and so that’s now featured in the footer.

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