John Jago

Day 29: $1 a day Google Ads

Seeing the website analytics for Dashify go flat, with maybe one or two visitors a day at most, has been a little bit of a shock. It’s way different from last month, where Google Ads seemed to bring in traffic that converted.

It makes me think that what I was doing today, creating landing pages for Dashify’s blog and the place where I will announce releases on the website, is indeed the highest impact thing I can do right now, if my goal is to get to 20 users with what I’ve built so far, which in turn is to see that what I’ve built can benefit more than the 10 that appear to be happily using right now.

It also makes me think that perhaps I could set a very low limit, like $1 a day, for Google Ads, so at least the users can trickle in as they did during the last run of the ads.

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