John Jago

Day 28: Worries

This weekend I didn’t work on Dashify. I felt like I should, as the work I put into it is the only thing that will determine its success, yet I know that I should rest as well, which could result in a more productive week ahead.

The download count is increasing slightly each day, so perhaps the recent change I made to the subtitle of the site and plugin, calling it a “WooCommerce admin dashboard theme”, has aligned with what people search in Google and other search engines.

Now that I’ve moved the site over to Hugo, this week I should be able to quickly add more content to the site.

At this rate, I’m worried that Dashify won’t reach 20 active installs soon enough that I also would have time to implement the paid version and move the WooCommerce Subscriptions code over to it before the end of May. I’m also going on a fishing trip on Friday, coming back Tuesday evening, which is a stretch of time I won’t be working much. That also makes me think I won’t make my goal. Let’s see! I think that’s the fun part about writing these thoughts down—to see how well I can predict the future, which could turn out to be terribly off!

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