John Jago

Day 25: Are these journal entries worth it?

Recently, I’ve been questioning the value of this daily journal. I told myself that I would do it for 90 days, but writing one each day feels unnecessary.

For example, today I continued rebuilding the Dashify website with Hugo because it will make adding content to the site easier in the future. However, I am well aware of those things—I already journaled about this topic yesterday. There is nothing to reflect on until later, and no use of writing about how the same thing is in progress, apart from perhaps seeing when something is taking more time than it should.

I feel pressure in each journal entry to deliver some value to a reader other than myself, but I also remind myself that I simply want to write these as an artifact for the future, to see what worked out…or didn’t work out.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been sharing these journal entries on Twitter and LinkedIn, but the value for the audience is so low. It’s better to only share highlights on those platforms going forward, and honestly only on Twitter, as the founder community is more active there.

Social media timeline algorithms don’t favor boring content, probably because people themselves don’t. I’ll get more out of those platforms by actually posting less—sharing only what provides value (as in, the reader can take something away other than just knowing what the writer is up to every day). People who are curious about my attempt at becoming an independent founder can check out my website, while the social media feeds can get what they promote best 🤷 …and I save time!

👋 This is my work journal, a series where I write daily about trying to make a living building a bootstrapped software product.