John Jago

Day 2: Cold email results

After sending a batch of cold emails to WooCommerce agencies who might be interested in Dashify, there’s been two visible results!

One is that visitors to the website spiked to 9 people, myself excluded, whereas previously it might have received 1 or 2 in a day. Even if they don’t respond, they become aware that Dashify exists. If, when seeing it, they’re like “aha, this really can benefit my clients!” then they’ll at least try it out. It’s still too early to tell those results based on the numbers.

The other is that one person responded! They might see this, so thank you and I look forward to hearing what you think of Dashify!

I also sent out some inquiries for advertising on WordPress and WooCommerce-related blogs, as that’s where most people find out about what plugins they should add to their site. I suppose I’m getting to the point of spending money before making it, but it might just be needed to get over the first 10 user milestone. I know that it’s effective from the previous startup I worked at, where many customers let us know they found our plugin through such blogs.

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