John Jago

Day 17: Sponsoring WooWeekly and pausing Google Ads

This month I’m sponsoring WooWeekly, a WooCommerce newsletter run by one of the active members of the WooCommerce community. It’s one of just a handful of newsletters focused solely on WooCommerce, so the placement couldn’t be more relevant.

At the same time, I’ve paused the Google Ads campaign, which has so far billed me $54.66. I want to see how the WooWeekly sponsorship and content marketing on the Dashify website perform during the month of May without Google Ads in the mix. This money is essentially being spent to acquire initial users so that Dashify is not an extension with 0 installs, which doesn’t look trustworthy to anyone who comes across it organically. If it weren’t for that, this kind of customer acquisition cost would be too high.

This makes me think, do I just need to keep improving the product? There is so much I could imagine to be made better. But at the same time, this is the trap that every experienced product maker has warned people against.

Today, I continued working on supporting the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension, so that Dashify will style all of it as well. So many little things to account for. 😬

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