John Jago

Day 12: Early customers are awesome

If you have an idea, and you want to turn that idea into a successful product, there is nothing more valuable than an early, enthusiastic customer.

The past couple days, I’ve experienced this with Dashify. A customer of the WordPress plugin that my former startup created found out about Dashify and is now one of those enthusiastic early users. I say user because I tend to think of a customer as someone who is paying. (I have some ideas for pricing, which I’ll share in a post soon!)

This user not only provided a general idea on what would make the order management experience better, but also pointed out a specific bug. Upon looking into the bug, I found two other problems which I fixed right there—problems not limited to just this person’s setup. Many others might have encountered them, but it’s possible that none would have told me about it. A third issue regarding the layout of the order view came to light as well—something I’ll need to solve to make the dashboard flexible for merchants with custom setups.

From a simple bug report, I discovered so much more.

Thank you, early user (if you’re reading this)!

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