John Jago

Dashify is live!

After a long wait that was out of our control, Dashify, an extension for WooCommerce, is available for download!

A screenshot of the Dashify plugin listing on

This is the first product we’re taking to market, and we hope to make it a successful, small business that values doing the right thing.

Next, we’ll be touching up some logos and graphics to really make it pop, adding a small analytics feature, and then releasing a second update. After that, we’ll go all in on marketing this minimum viable product, which I’ll also document here to share progress in full detail.

Right now, it says “Fewer than 10 active installations”, so it’ll be interesting to see if it goes above 10 without any marketing while we work on this second small update—if it does, then that’s a good sign!

Previous posts about Dashify

Since there are other posts in between the ones talking about Dashify, I’ll start collecting them at the end of each post. The newest is at the top. Also, the titles may not make sense—we launched after posting that we’d launch!

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