John Jago

Dashify’s first users

In hopes of getting some first users, I posted about Dashify in a couple places: two Reddit posts that were asking for something similar to what Dashify offers, and one forum post of a similar but abandoned plugin.

To my surprise, people started trying to use it! This is where the first problems arose.

Two people left us a message about not being able to download it from—something we didn’t realize for almost 5 days! It was a quick fix.

Both people also left comments about some things not working, one of which turned out to be an oversight on our part; the other issue is something we’re asking for clarification on. Hooray for Dashify having its first customer support cases!

One lesson learned from these first posts in other places is that on, it’s not allowed to advertise your plugin in the support forums of other plugins, as it appears that my post was taken down. However, the circumstances seem justifiable for me posting: the other plugin hasn’t been updated in years, there are many people asking if it will be updated to work again, and my plugin is solving the same problem. I suppose in these situations I’ll have to find alternate ways to get in touch with the people who are asking for alternatives.

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