John Jago

Dashify’s first 5-star reviews!

Dashify has been out for just over a month, and yet the active install count is still fewer than 10. It can be frustrating! But—my marketing activities have been limited. I’ve posted about Dashify in reply to relevant Reddit posts and Facebook group comments which were asking if such a solution exists. Dashify now has a website, but I have yet to create more content than just a home page.

Nevertheless, Dashify already has not one, but two 5-star reviews on!

The first one is funny and not too serious, but the comment about good design is appreciated!

Dashify’s first 5-star review: “Impressed by this developer. Shortly, I’ll invite him to a Club for Undeniable Talent– he deserves it for being so multi-talented.”

The second one describes exactly what Dashify aims to achieve.

Dashify’s second 5-star review: “I’ve been recommending clients use Shopify, because it’s a lot easier to use for beginners, but this totally changes the usability of WooCommerce. This is really excellent.”

Thank you both for these early reviews!

This, along with three detailed pieces of feedback submitted through our feedback form, shows that people are at least trying it out enough that they leave such detailed feedback, and of course the reviews—all a good sign!

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