John Jago

A consistent setup is a productivity hack

Having the same work environment, both physical and digital, is a small but powerful productivity hack. It allows you to think about nothing but the work that needs to be done.

Once again procrastinating on actually starting something, I’ve found the setup that will reduce the things I need to think about. Previously I wrote about switching from Linux to Mac. Now I’ve settled on the MacBook Air + laptop stand + Apple Magic Keyboard + random mouse as being all that I need to feel complete in terms of a physical setup. It’s lightweight for travel and keeps desk clutter to a minimum. It’s relatively inexpensive but not austere, a good balance.

Today’s tiny work was renaming the Git repo for the website. I’ve found that repos which group things that are frequently worked on together are pleasant to work in and require less context switching. I’ve also found that a way to measure a good name is to see how well it continues to makes sense further away from its context.