John Jago

How to make choices

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In daily life when you have two choices, and you must choose to do one, how do you choose?

There is a rather good method for doing so. This method is easy, and you don’t have to think it over. Nevertheless, it’s very effective.

With a few examples you’ll understand it well.

How often do you regret going to bed late? How about going to bed early?

How often do you regret eating pizza? What about fruits and vegetables?

How often do you regret exercising?

Of course, if you ate a fruit and it made you sick, you may regret it. But most of the time this doesn’t happen.

When there are two choices, often there’s one that you regret doing every time. Later, when you have the same two choices, it’s possible that one is very tempting. Then what do you do?

The method is that you choose the one that you have never regretted.