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Traits of blogs I genuinely enjoy reading

I wasn’t sure what direction to take my online writing recently. Was I writing stuff worth reading? Are the topics too mixed? What should I write next?

I decided to go through every blog I have bookmarked and list out the traits of the ones I feel drawn to, the ones that I eagerly await their next post, as well as the traits of the ones I find interesting enough to bookmark, but not to visit regularly. I want my own blog to be in the former category, so I was curious how its traits compared to these two lists.

Blogs that I genuinely enjoy reading have the following in common:

  • the websites are uniquely designed by the writer themselves (no template or default themes)
  • analyses go to a depth that many don’t dare to reach
  • they counter popular perspectives
  • they offer a perspective that may cause a reader to change their own
  • they share life lessons
  • they exhibit an intense attention to detail in everything they do
  • authentic and unapologetic
  • the people behind them feel human and it’s obvious who is writing
  • they are not overly focused on a single topic, but the background they’re coming from is clear

The ones I do not feel drawn to:

  • use a default or overused theme on whatever blogging medium they’re on
  • focus on too specific of a topic and never venture outside that topic
  • are trying too hard (to be funny, to be something)
  • make frequent, small posts that take less than a few minutes to read
  • post way too often
  • have a poorly designed or confusing way to navigate the website (often because they’re trying to make it look cool)
  • too professional
  • looks like a web app
  • talk too much about abstract topics or ideals that don’t manifest in reality
  • set in Times New Roman
  • too commercial
  • too much like a résumé

After creating this comparison, I feel clarity on what keeps me coming back to certain blogs, and I have a better idea whether my own blog is what I want it to be.